Life of a Sad Boston Red Sox Fan

The New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays are heading to the playoffs, and we sit in third place. My dad called me last night and was like “you see that the Sox are in third? Not a bad year.” No dad, it was a terrible year. Why would we play Hanley in the outfield? Since the Sox took him out of left, they have won all of their games. It is true! Check the stats. Yeah, the young guys are playing pretty good, but the pitching is still the worst. The bullpen has zero good arms. Our “perfect pitcher” is the worst player on their roster. Rick Porcello. Give me a break. John Henry a.k.a. Dr. Creepy needs to get stepping. Let Dom D take over all the operations. He will make this team better. Not next year because they need like 8 pitchers. Pablo needs to go, too. A glorified beer league softball player. That’s all he is. Nothing more. I actually like Hanley at the plate. He rips the ball but can’t play the field. Even though 2013 was just a few years ago, a last place and third place finish hurt. I would have been fine if the Blue Jays won, but the Yankees. They are awful! I don’t get how they won games. Maybe not awful, but not playoff good. Is the AL bad this year? The Sox must really suck….

the Insta/Twitter handle: brycek14


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