How To Get To A Higher League In Clash Of Clans

Everybody wants to get to the Titan League because of the bonuses. Want to know how to get there and stay there? It is very simple but will take a week or two to do.

  1. As I have mentioned before in previous blogs, you need to set up your base in a farming lay-out. That blog with pictures is HERE.
  2. Placing your town hall outside of your base is the key. The biggest factor. It will keep enemies from taking your loot and more than a handful of trophies.
  3. Train 4 to 5, 80+ barbarians, 80+ archers, 2 to 3 heal, and any other base destroying spell. This line-up is perfect for clearing out defenses around the town halls.
  4. Attack a base with a town hall on the outside of the base or protected by only one wall. Not using all of your troops is the goal.
  5. Use your heroes with care. If you can destroy the town hall is only a hero, do it! It will save you time and loot. All I try to use is my heroes. But remember, if a hero takes damage, it needs to heal. I will sacrifice a hero if I have been hunting for too long.
  6. Recap, town halls outside of bases or protected by one wall. Use troops sparingly or as meat shield for heroes. Spell come in handy.

Good luck! If this works for you, let me know. Comment your trophy count below!

Check out my stuff below!

clan name is: Doody Doodies

clan tag: #Q2CQ9GC

my base: bryce

Give it a follow on instagram/twitter: brycek14


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