Bart Scott Says Tom Brady Is A ‘Cornball’ And Not Tough

I agree. Tom Brady is a cornball, but he is tough. Brady might get hurt, but a weak person has no shot of carrying his team to 4 Superbowls. That’s right, Brady carried those teams. He had a little help from Gronk one year and Deon Branch, but it was mostly the cornball. Brady enjoys grey pool covers, water slides, and Ugg boots. But why does Bart Scott keep talking?? Has he won anything? NO! His Jets beat the Pats in the playoffs, once. Everybody looses once in a while. Dude, shut up. Scott is as bad as Mark Brunell. They hate us cause they ain’t us. Whatever. Keep talking. Don’t care, he is soft, not tough, and a cornball. Brady has four rings. We are the evil empire, and we embrace it. Theses guys want to be TB12. Brady fought the Shield and won. It is how the Patriots do! Keep it coming Bart Scott. You’re 1000%. We are cornballs and not tough, but we also win championships.


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