Farming Base – Clash of Clans

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My base isn’t perfect. The walls needed to be upgraded, and I rushed a little, but it’ll do. I have it set up to be a “farming” base. Why do you want a farming base? It keeps attackers from trying for your loot. Place your town hall on the outside of your walls and place your storages in the middle of your base. It is that simple to keep troops out. 8 times out of 10 ,when your shield runs out, a trophy hunter will destroy your town hall and run. It has saved me millions of elixir and gold over the past year. As you can tell, I do not trophy hunt. I saved up to buy defenses and upgrade my troops. I will post a picture of what level my troops are on a later date. If I can recommend something to you, set up your base to be a farming base. It will blow your mind and change your life. Farming is what everybody should do.

Check out my stuff below!

clan name is: Doody Doodies

clan tag: #Q2CQ9GC

my base: bryce

Give it a follow on instagram/twitter: brycek14


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