The New Dark Elixir Troop for Clash of Clans

If you play Clash of Clans, you realize there are a few “coming soon” spots in the dark barracks. Many clashers have been speculating for months. You can speculate no more! That’s a lie. Keep speculating. BUT, this is my suggestion for the newest dark elixir troop. Dragons and pekkas can be difficult to use if not deployed correctly. My idea would solve this problem. By allowing the user to manually control the troop, it would eliminate misused troops. Yeah, mind blown. Unfortunately, the troop would have to be expensive. Somewhere in the 1200 range. This troop could be used above or below ground. Having the decision making ability to skip buildings would be part of the deal, as well. Attacking power higher than a pekka, wizard, and witch would be needed if the troop ran you 1200 dark elixir. The logistics of using more than one at a time would be a little difficult, but it would be interesting to have the ability to control a troop once deployed. I have zero artistic ability. Some would say I write with the wrong hand. So the image of this mythical beast is left to the imagination of the reader. If supercell takes my idea, you heard it here first!

Instagram and twitter: brycek14


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